When the  COVID-19 pandemic forced the shut-down of gyms across the country, many people took charge of their physical health by creating workout routines at home. No matter the routine, many had issues creating the space necessary for their workouts as many do not have a spare room for a home gym. Luckily with Wallbeds n More, this is made easy with a murphy bed.

When our customers came to us, most of their rooms were occupied with children attending school online and adults working from home. This pushed us here at Wallbeds ‘n More to help people make the most of their space! A Murphy bed that could transform a home gym into a guest room and back again was one of our most popular requests. Now we want to help you double the usable space in your home as well. 

Making the Most of Space for Your Home Gym

Our employees at Wallbeds ‘n More Scottsdale helped customers through the transition of moving workouts from the gym to their homes. Together, we conquered many of the obstacles that arose in the process. 

Working out in a home gym space

Where would the new rowing machine go? Would furniture need to be completely rearranged each time the online aerobics class or Zumba instruction was streamed into the room? We worked with our customers to optimize space-saving no matter the circumstance.

Since replacing the home furniture with a home gym machine wasn’t an option for most families, we assisted with creative solutions! We helped people both maximize their floor space, productivity, and peace of mind all at the same time. With the murphy beds, the function of having a bed that opens and closes changed everything!

Customize Your Space Further!

The many different models and sizes of Murphy beds at our Scottsdale Wallbeds ‘n More showroom can each be customized in dozens of different ways. At our store, you can create a truly unique piece of furniture that meets all of your needs. If you’d like to create a guest bedroom/home gym combination, shelves or a table built into the unit might be essential. 

A table or bookshelves can accommodate a television or computer screen when the room is being used as a home gym. This way you can easily stream exercise classes and still have plenty of space for exercising when the bed is folded into the wall. 

To personalize it further, we can customize the wood type and finish of each wall bed model. We can also add simple, but delightful conveniences like accent lighting, electrical outlets for exercise equipment, and USB ports so your phone can charge or serve as a wireless speaker during your workout. 

Visit Wallbeds n More Phoenix Today!

Stop by for an in-person tour of our showroom between 10 am and 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. You can also call (480) 818-6985 to make an appointment with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members. When you visit the gallery, you can view many of our online models in person and can see a demonstration of how easy our Murphy beds are to pull from the wall. 

Finally, we can help you choose finishes to match your room and amenities. This ensures your furniture is as practical as it is beautiful! We can’t wait to see you at Wallbeds ‘n More in Scottsdale and help you make your home gym/guest suite into a reality!