Converting Guest Suites to Playrooms

Ready, Set, Play! Make room in guest suite for your kids!

With kids’ toys cluttering the living room, dining room, and everywhere in between, it’s likely you’ve wished for a playroom they could call their own (and keep all their stuff in)! But trading a guest room for a playroom isn’t always practical since you need a comfortable, private space for guests to stay when visiting. But what if you could have BOTH… a sleek and stylish room for when company calls that turns to a practical and functional playroom with tons of storage for the little ones? 

At Scottsdale Wallbeds n More, we are specialists in helping you create two dream rooms in one with a wide array of versatile furniture to meet all of your needs. We expertly assist you in blending simplicity and style, creating the perfect play-space for kids or game room for teenagers that converts seamlessly into a guest room.

Space for Play with a Wall Bed

If you’re looking for space saving beds, Murphy beds are the way to go, with the convenience of a mattress and bed combination that will fold into the wall and transform a room in the blink of an eye. 

The many options we have come in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles and are also customizable for the type of play your kids crave. Little artists on your hands? Choose a desk wall bed or a table Murphy bed such as our Barrington Table Bed or Euro Table Bed. These models give them space to paint, draw, and craft to their heart’s delight. 

Have a teenager obsessed with video games? Choose custom shelving and cabinets in the Keystone model to hold their gaming gear and strategically placed wall outlets for consoles. 

Keystone Wallbed for Guest Suite

Studious bookworm at home? They’ll love the Library wall bed with space for all of their favorite books and recessed lighting to read by. Whatever their interests, a built-in Murphy bed will create the perfect space for creativity and play without sacrificing the ability to host visitors when the need should arrive.

Storage Galore in Your Guest Suite

Each of our wallbeds comes with the option of adding drawers, shelves, and cabinets, so even if your room doesn’t have a closet, it is easy to store belongings. If you have a childrens’ rug or play mat you want to swap out for a more adult design, you can choose one of the options with tall cabinets to simply switch and store carpets when company is coming. 

Guest Suite or Playroom Clean-up is a Breeze

When you need the kids to clean up and help transform the room into a guest suite, pulling a bed from the wall is a fun incentive to get them to help out! The cabinets and drawers that customize the wallbed make clean-up time simple! 

You can quickly hide the kids’ toys, video games, books, stuffed animals, and more. All the while, also storing all the essentials you need to transform the space into a guest room. You can store your sheets, pillows, and extra blankets in the wall bed storage. Choosing a modern Murphy bed style will ensure the room converts easily from a fun, practical play area to a comfortable and stylish adult space. 

Amenities for Visitors

With all sorts of extras to customize your Murphy bed, you can ensure there’s everything from additional outlets built into the furniture for the kids’ electronics to USB ports for when company needs to plug in their cell phones to charge as they sleep. Lights can be added overhead or alongside the bed, and hardware can even be customized to match the unique style of your space. 

Why Choose Wallbeds n More Scottsdale?

If you’re looking for a wall bed company to give you a fun, personalized experience, come to Wallbeds n More in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our showroom offers a relaxing environment where you will not be pressured by salespeople. Come browse our design center between 10am-5pm Tuesday – Saturday or give us a call at (480) 818-6985 and let us help you find and customize the perfect furniture for your home!